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Some Of The Most Liked Veggie Dishes From Catering Menu

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Cury Soya Chunks Goat

Soya chunks seasoned with spices and herbs with curry powder simmer in coconut milk

Red Peas Soup

Soya chunks and read peas ad vegetables and a seasoned broth cook to perfection.

Chilli Stew

Vegetables chunks and red peas and vegetables stew to mouth watering flavor.

All In One

A mixture of organic vegetables stew to mouth waterimg flavor.

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Our Delicious Story

 Our King slice fish seasoning with fresh dry ground spices and simmer in a coconut wine sauce.

On the Other hand Yard shrimps cooked in many styles, jerk sweet white wine or steamed served with island sauce.

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Yard Shrimp

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Slow Steam
Island Salmon

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Vegetable Meatball

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vegetables meat balls

Island Roast Beaf

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island roast beef catering

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Our catering service is availabe day & night, seven days a week

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I am sure that our health directly depends on what we eat, so I present you my catering services featuring fresh high quality and nutritionally rich Jamaican Caribbean dishes. Order my catering services to enjoy the best jerk chicken in New York & delicious Jamaican food at your event.

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